Monday, January 21, 2008

a new blog!

How shall I begin to overcome my reticence to put anything about myself out into virtual space? With a plunge, I guess, and I'll just hope the water isn't too icy. Gosh, I can play with colors... and fonts... but not, apparently, upload a photo. Fun for another day, perhaps?

Ok, a few things about me, I guess.

I love my children! Since I have only nine months left before my baby goes to kindergarten, I want to spend lots of time this year playing.

I love to knit. I have a pretty good stash of scarves and blankets and baby blankets going, and I'll be doing at least one craft fair this year. Fun + fiber + craft fair might actually = selling some of these beauties!

I love to garden. I have several large garden beds. One of them is in dire need of having its supporting 2x12's replaced come spring. I think I'd like to try using composite this time. Once the side boards have been replaced, I can put the fence back up around it. NO dogs or children allowed in the garden! Don't even ask me about the time the children trampled the corn, ok? Another garden needs serious plant management. I put violets in there - on purpose - I didn't listen to my mother. Now I need to dig out the bulbs, and if I can find them, the asparagus crowns, then probably just solarize the bed. The violets have to GO.

I love to sing. Right now I'm in rehearsals for Bach's Mass in B Minor with the Hampshire Choral Society. I'm just giddy about it - Bach is my FAVORITE!

And I love medieval studies. I'm signing up for two graduate courses this semester, Medieval English Literature and Canterbury Tales. I haven't been in the classroom since December 2005, but I'm not too worried. It's going to be GREAT!

Now - projects for the short term. I need to put the thermal lined curtains up for sale on Craig's List. I want to prepare eBay listings for all of the Motherwear clothing I'm ready to let go. And I am going to consider seriously offering fudge for sale next fall between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Ooh, and I think I manage to upload a picture!

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Lee F Dickens said...

Well Red, I came, I saw, I was impressed. I think you've managed to capture you quite nicely. Which, when you consider how we met and 'see' each other is pretty amusing. Let's just say that the "Michelle" I have gotten to know shines through. If that's the abode of the pumpkin patrol, it lives up to this writer's active imaginings. Keep up the good work Sis, catharsis is good for the soul---And I already know you have a good soul.