Tuesday, January 29, 2008

my birthday! I love my birthday

Today has been LOVERLY! It started out with lots of berfday wishes from my CTF brothers and sisters :D

I went to bed early last night. I woke up this morning cuddled up with a Pint Size Princess - well rested!
I took said princess to preschool after the other three were on the bus, then went for my first day of classes. Today was Canterbury Tales - woo hoo!

After class, my Mom picked me up on campus (some things NEVER change!) and we went to lunch where 7 of my friends joined us, at Applebees. (yes, I had chocolate - though a nice grilled chicken caesar salad, too).
After lunch, I picked up my princess and we bought a book for my class at the book store, and a Cadbury Cream Egg for her at the stationers, went to the grocery store, then Barnes and Noble, where I picked up a mug with a gift cert from my brother. The mug is yellow with pink tulips on it - I'm READY for some tulips!

When we got home, the last two of my window quilts was installed - yea! The OP came to pick up the princess (boo!) but then I took a nice long hot bath.

I met Mom for dinner per our usual Tuesday night date, then went to rehearsal. It was FABULOUS!!! The music is just exquisite, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE singing it. After the break the entire 180 voice chorus sang Happy Birthday to me - I blushed, but the sound was glorious.

Once rehearsal was over, I went out for more chocolate with friends - three Mikes and a Ruth. She was goggling that we were essentially all Michaels - very funny. And now I'm home!!!

Note: the photo is from my birthday LAST year - but it's what I could find.

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