Monday, January 5, 2009

running the numbers, and liking the math!

Further to my last post, regarding electricity consumption, I crunched up these numbers last night.

Just to recap, starting in September this year, I made the decision to use my bike and the public buses here much more extensively than I have before. Formerly it would have been VERY difficult, what with children going to preschool, for which there is no bus. But since all four of mine are now taking the bus to elementary school, and I was going to be attending classes on two different campuses about 15 miles apart, it was time to be thrifty, green, and fit.

September 2007: 1284 miles
October 2007: 1616 miles
November 2007: 1252 miles
December 2007: 992 miles

September 2008: 920 miles (down 364)
October 2008: 697 miles (down 919)
November 2008: 801* (down 451)
December 2008: 801* (down 191) {hey, it was getting freaking COLD!}
*this division is approximated; I am missing a gas receipt entry between the end of November and the beginning of December, but the total for both months is correct

That makes a total for the 2007 period of 5144 miles and for 2008, 3219 - a decrease of 37%!

I am extremely satisfied with these numbers.