Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Hurray, I put all of the books that I want to let go (sniff!) up for sale on Amazon. Three of them sold in the past 24 hours!

I also put all of the thermal and lined curtains up for sale at Craigslist, and I have a person coming by in the next hour or so who wants a bunch of them. Yippee! Trading excess stuff for cash always makes me happy.

Mom and I are going to take the children to see Music Man on Thursday night. A local community theater group is performing it, including several friends of the family. Last year it was Beauty and the Beast, and we had a ball.

I am registered for my two classes now. Yippee! My first class is next Tuesday, which is also my birthday.

Tomorrow I won't get to the gym, because I am going with my oldest son's class on a field trip. I think we're going to the art museum at Smith College. Can you tell that I don't really care where we go, as long as I'm with one or more of my children?

I spent at least an hour yesterday going through my score in preparation for rehearsal tonight. We're scheduled to rehearse the Gloria/Et In Terra Pax, and that's my FAVORITE part of the entire mass! (well, not of the mass as a concept, but of this particular mass) I am so excited. I know it almost note-perfect, but there were a few hiccupy spots that I had to bang out on the piano.

I'm very curious to see my next gas bill. I've just had window quilts installed. (that's why all my old curtains are up for sale on Craigslist) The very first morning they were in, when I opened the quilt on the back door, there was ice on the inside of the windows of the door. I'd like to think that means that the cold air was staying on the far side of the quilt! On the other hand, it's been dang cold here - single digits at night - so I'm withholding judgment on the ultimate effect on my gas bill. One thing I'm sure will help is the quilt now covering the attic fan. Here's hoping - being green and being thrifty are two of my best things!

Oh, that's Sheba up top there. The entry just looked too plain without a picture!

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Lee F Dickens said...

.....Wow Red, you made me cry...Well not you, but the picture sure reminds me of Boz...Black flat hair Lab...Thank God Tink's at the movies with a girlfriend, and Debbie's out power walking with a friend. (Christina's future "Aunt in-law???) You have hit the ground running my friend...Pace yourself.